These people amaze and inspire me everyday, and I’m honored to call them my friends. Please check out their work!

Arta Jekabsone –
Sabeth Perez –
Joe Block –
Jenny Xu –
Christian X. M. McGhee –
Stefan Haerle –
Jonathan Dafgård –
Kris Monson –
Kevin Sun –
Emilie Samson –
Alex Souris –
Ethan Ditthardt –
Niklas Lukassen –
Adi Meyerson –
Austin Ali –
Josh Roberts –
Chirag Gokani –
Michael Shapira –

Many others but these are the ones with web presences at least.

Friendly News

Q4 2020

  • Jenny Xu released her amazing new trio album, Project Sock Retrieval
  • Christian X. M. McGhee launched Breathe, a beautiful new music therapy product.
  • Kevin Sun launched his own personally hosted live concert streaming platform for his band.
  • Austin Ali launched a new YouTube channel making music composition a very entertaining affair

Other Favorite Web People

  • Ethan Iverson‘s Do The M@th – probably the best collection of interviews, transcriptions, and jazz nuggets on the internet
  • Kevin Sun‘s Music Blog – probably the next best
  • Derek Sivers‘s many, many free writings on life, business, and music
  • Tim Ferriss‘s Podcast. Learned so much from these
  • Melissa Chen‘s incredibly poignant and informed political commentary

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