Book Notes

New series I’m starting for 2021. 2 of these per month!

Deep Work by Cal Newport

A lifestyle that habitually embraces Deep Work (distraction-free, focused activities that push your cognitive abilities to their limit and create rare and valuable skill sets), will give you the career you want, the mental acuity to experience life in the present, and ultimately, a life marked by continual growth, meaning, and impact. To cultivate the skill of Deep Work, a Deep Work philosophy (a strategy that defines what activities necessitate Deep Work and how you will create the mental, physical, and temporal space for said activities) must be in place. Additionally, train your mind to embrace boredom, holistically weigh social media’s marketing/connective benefits against its time-sucking/anxiety-inducing negatives, and clear your life as much as possible of the shallow tasks that give us a veneer of productivity while failing to produce anything of real personal or professional value.

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