The Basics of Compound Interest

Jump To:A. IntroductionB. The Basics of Compound InterestC. Grow Your Financial PortfolioD. The Benefits of Financial FreedomE. Where to Open an AccountF. Stock and Companies to Invest In Introduction It struck me that what a lot of musicians really need is more money in their pockets, more business sense, and entrepreneurial sense. I realized that […]

The Moment I Posted It (My Struggles with Social Media Addiction)

Video, audio, and text form to follow: Jazz made me somebody. I was in the 7th grade, unathletic, short, awkward, you know the story right? I wasn’t noticeably good at anything but deeply desired attention. I opted for a class clown persona, loud-mouthing and doing obnoxious stunts (like freezing a photo of my face on […]

Brad Mehldau – All The Things You Are *Live in Köln, 1999

This transcription was a challenge given to me by the great Jaleel Shaw. A big focus for my semester, was to sound competent in 5 and 7. This solo took me about 3-4 months of work (10 choruses) to transcribe and play it roughly at tempo. I’m providing PDF’s of the solo below. Since I’m […]

The Vulnerability in a Solo.

Improvising a solo in front of an audience is one of the most vulnerable things a musician can do. While we often see solos as displays of virtuosity, an improvised solo contains glimpses into a musician’s character, their empathy with those present in the room, and all the feelings of the moment. It’s why fans of John Coltrane or Miles Davis feel as though they know something about them despite having never met them. In this post I aim to explore two questions: What makes a solo vulnerable? Why is vulnerability important?

What This Lester Young Solo Can Teach Us About Leading a Purposeful Life

Whether or not the doctor’s statement happened before or after this solo, I’m not sure, but Lester undoubtedly knew in some way that he was in poor condition and that his consumption was trashing his body. This solo, however, doesn’t show a “tragically past his prime” Lester Young. From the bold way he gets up to the mastery with which he packs so much meaning into so few notes, Lester is teeming with confidence here. He doesn’t try to play like he did in his 20’s; he stands tall, makes a beautiful statement with only the capabilities he had on that day, and fills the room with honesty and vulnerability.


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