Moment’s Notice – Odd Meter Talk! – Music Log #1

Music starts around 6:48

Downloadable Moment’s Notice 7/4 Backing Track:

Finally decided to tackle some odd meter things. Made this play-a-long track to help make practicing odd meters so much more fun. Drum loop is from the Drum Genius mobile app and bass sound is from Native Instruments Kontakt factory library.

Apologies for some muddy audio in this video, I had the music way too loud and it was peaking. I fixed this in this downloadable version and will make this better for next video:) I lowered it in post a bit to not blow anyone’s ears but it’s still distorted. Listen with headphones or monitors for best sound as always.

For those curious about the instrument I’m playing, it’s the Akai EWI 5000. I love playing it. If you’re interested, would appreciate if you purchased from my affiliate link:
If you do, email me at and I’d be happy to nerd out a bit and tell you my favorite sounds, settings, tricks, etc.

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