Brad Mehldau – All The Things You Are *Live in Köln, 1999

This transcription was a challenge given to me by the great Jaleel Shaw. A big focus for my semester, was to sound competent in 5 and 7. This solo took me about 3-4 months of work (10 choruses) to transcribe and play it roughly at tempo. I’m providing PDF’s of the solo below.

Since I’m a monophonic instrument and piano is not, I basically “summed” the whole thing into a single melodic line I could play. Most of it was single line, but in some cases I had to approximate it . I transposed it to other transpositions but did not really check them over for ranges/nonsensical accidentals. I am giving it away for free after all!

My performance of it:

Original Video

Here’s a downloadable audio version:

As far as I can tell it’s not available for sale, so shouldn’t be any problem providing the file here since it’s been free on YouTube for years…

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